The Sloppy Chicken Tiki

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Fresh is better. Duh.

Except for some meals; those are better the next day.

This is one of those meals.

What do you need to make this meal?

  • Half dozen vine tomatoes
  • Enough Garlic to fight off Dracula
  • Hearty knob of Ginger
  • Onions
  • Coconut Oil
  • 0.5 pounds of Boneless Chicken Thighs per Serving

This is going to be your base sauce. For those of you that do not know, I am a saucy man and believe sauces are the special ladies we should be paying close attention to when creating a meal to be enjoyed. I want you to take a few healthy globs of coconut oil and place that into a pan to heat up.

As that is heating up chop your ginger up, smash your garlic, dice the onion, and get down and dirty with the vine tomatoes by squeezing the vegetable until it is crushed in your hands. Make it messy & Make it fun! This is your base sauce and it will need to boil down for an hour or so. After these steps are complete add in the finely chopped Chicken to the sauce as well. The chicken will cook by being boiled in the fresh aromatic sauce that is reducing.

From a nutritional stand point the sauce is full of healthy substances. The allium Garlic reduces many forms of cancer while lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol. From South East Asia the knob of Ginger is rich in a bioactive compound called Gingerol which is responsible for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. With fresh tomatoes we get lycopene, Vitamic C, and potassium all of which are beneficial to the body in some aspect. And coconut oil, well we should all be cooking with coconut oil because vegetable oils are garbage for flavor, nutrition, and the environment.

Now that our flavors are mixing together like the cultural melting pot that we call America, lets begin working on our next step to completing our dinner that will last us for days. This is bachelor eating and I do not like making more dishes than I need to! Our next step is to let everything reduce down, I like to scrap the spoon on the bottom of the pan to see how quickly the sauce fills in the space left by the spoons gash. With a little burned bottoms now is the time to add the heavy whipping cream.

Stir the heavy whipping cream into the base sauce with the chicken that has been reduced down. Like with the tomatoes, squeeze the juice of a lemon into the mixture as well. Let this reduce and simmer for 15 minutes.

While we wait for that mixture to complete, lets focus on how we will get this food into our stomachs. So I got high and went food shopping when I thought of this idea. I also thought about Billy Madison with the Sloppy Joes scene. I wanted this sandwich to be on a bun damn it! But if the sauce is the lady, what is the bun and how do we dress it? Lucky for me (and you) I did not run out of Marijuana and ripped my bong wondering just this… Sour Cream and Cilantro ladies and gentlemen!

As an American we love to add Mayonnaise and ranch to all things carbs. But we are a melting pot in this society and I appreciate the liberal use of sour cream I find at burrito joints around the country. Let’s combine that with enough cilantro to make the lettuce on a burger blush. That is how we dress our lady tonight!

From start to finish I had this meal completed in about 1 hour from prep to clean up. With it I have roughly 6 meals for the next few days. From a nutritional perspective we are supplying our bodies with the nutrition we require.

Bachelor Frog Rates this: 10/10

  • 1 Pan to clean
  • Multiple Meals
  • Healthy & Delicious
  • Cheap




Just a guy trying to better understand the world that we all live in by following his passions around dogs, food, fitness, and IT.

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Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey

Just a guy trying to better understand the world that we all live in by following his passions around dogs, food, fitness, and IT.

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